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افتراضي The Cheapest 190 M Apartment For Sale In D Bay

Magic and Beauty Resort "D Bay Resort Tatweer Misr"
D Bay Resort is one of the largest projects of Tatweer Misr, one of the largest known companies in the field of real estate investment, It is always keen to develop new plans and innovative methods in most of its projects, as it designed the units within the project according to the European system, formed in the form of terraces, where each unit enjoys distinctive views of the sea.

For those looking for places directly overlooking the sea, enjoying the outdoors, the wonderful beach with its clear blue waters and soft white sand, and the clean environment where relaxation and tranquility, all of this is available in the most luxurious tourist resorts D Bay Tatweer Misr.

The resort is the second project of Tatweer Misr after the great success of its Fouka Bay project. The project is characterized by a unique wonderful location and is the ideal destination for investors and customers.

As well as being the most beautiful tourist resorts with clear waters, excellent weather throughout the year, soft sands, as well as multiple recreational services and vast green spaces that include gardens and parks, all of which are designed in a modern world style.

Hurry to Book in D Bay Tatweer Misr, to enjoy the prices that are suitable in the area compared to the services provided by the project, as well as the provision of various payment systems based on convenient installments for several years.

D Bay Resort Location

D Bay Resort is strategically located in the heart of the North Coast, close to well-known resorts, as well as other vital areas, hubs, and famous roads, making it easily accessible.

It is located in the heart of North Coast at kilo 165 Alexandria-Matruh Desert Road, at the exit of El Dabaa.
It is 5 minutes from La Vista Bay Resort, and 15 minutes from Telal Resort, and is located near Fouka Bay, and Ras El Hikma Bay.
Near the most important roads, including El Alamein Road, and the new Fouka.
The Resort is separated by a short distance from the most important roads, including the New El Alamein and Fouka Road.
It is close to the most important projects and tourist resorts on the coast, including Marassi, Hacienda, Telal, La Vista Bay, Swan Lake, Caesar.

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